There's an island in India with 600 native inhabitants that kill any visitors!

Located in the Bay of Bengal, North Sentinel Island sounds as if it's straight out of a nineteenth century novel!

The island is one of the Andaman Islands and is located away from the main settlements. In fact, the island is so remote the indigenous Sentinelese people still live there and speak their own language!

While Indians have always known that the island was there, there was never much use in colonizing it. The British recorded it's existence in 1771, yet it was again ignored for the next century.

It was not until 1867 that an Indian merchant ship encountered a storm and wrecked on North Sentinel Island’s shores. Almost immediately the natives began attacking the 106 surviving passengers.

They were only saved when a navel vessel rescued them. The most recent excursion onto the island resulted in the same outcome.

In 2006 two fishermen drifted their boat near the island and were killed. The Indian government has stated that they have no desire to interfere in native affairs and most are warned to stay away!


No one in Australia has died from a Spider bite since 1981!

Australia is very famous because of it's dangerous animals that can be found throughout the country.

They do have a lot of dangerous and poisonous animals; however most of them are easily avoided with a little common sense. Most do not live in cities, and types of animals vary depending on which part of Australia you go to.

Remember that Australia is a huge country; they have variations in climate and habitat. They also do get snow in many places each winter. Anyway, most of Australians manage to live there relatively incident-free.

For instance, no one has died from a Spider bite ever since 1981! Ever since anti-venoms were introduced, the fatality rate has diminished to practically zero.


In Hong Kong, a woman is allowed to kill her cheating husband, but she can only use her bare hands!

If a woman in Hong Kong discovers her husband isn’t being faithful, she is legally allowed to kill him but she can use nothing except for her hands. The secret lover of the husband is allowed to be killed in any manner chosen!

Other forms of punishment for the husband include sending the cheating spouse to a work camp for up to two years! The original wife of the cheater is allowed to take half of all possessions given to the secret wife, regardless of who originally owned them. Since the passing of this law, many wives have filed suits to receive compensation for their unfaithful husbands. For more on this law, click here.

Canada has specifically banned members of the Westboro Baptist Church from entering the country!

Canada says good riddance to members of the Westboro Baptist Church located in Topeka, Kansas. The church is not associated with any of the major Baptist denominations. 

In fact, they have all denounced the Westboro Baptist Church and adamantly state there is no affiliation. Canada isn’t the only country that has banned the church members from their country. 

The United Kingdom has banned them entering their country, as well, on the basis of hate speech. The WBC is known for their outrageous stances and pickets. They travel all over making horrible statements about God hating…well, basically everyone who isn’t them. 

They attack homosexuals, soldiers, and Jews among other groups with their pickets and protests. There doesn’t seem to be any real aim or goal for their protests, except to gain attention. 

They’ve even been denounced by the KKK as being “hatemongers.” Now, that is a pretty serious statement, coming from one of the United States’ first recognized terrorist groups.


A man was nominated for the Nobel Prize 81 times and NEVER won!

The amount of physicists that have been nominated for the Nobel Prize is huge. In fact, a lot of the most important physicists in history have never won the prize.

Some of them didn’t get it because they weren’t born after 1895, some because people didn’t believe in their job at first and some because they competed against geniuses.

However, Arnold Sommerfled is the perfect example of irony. Arnold Sommerfield, a theoretical physicist, was doctoral supervisor to 4 physicists who went on to win Nobel Prizes in physics, and academic supervisor to 2 others who also won. He himself was nominated 81 times.

Despite of his hard work, he was never able to achieve the big prize, and hence, died without a Nobel Prize.