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19 Astonishing Facts

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Missouri Legislature Turned A Road Adopted by the KKK Into A Rosa Parks Memorial To Spite Them!

In 2012, a KKK leader by the name of Harley Hanson adopted a highway in order to clean up the area.

When the legislature wanted to deny this request, they were forced to let the KKK go ahead as they were not using it for negative reasons.

But in return, the Missouri legislature renamed the road after Rosa Parks to light a bit of fire underneath them.

Hanson, who was noted as the KKK's "Imperial Wizard" told TIME magazine that they weren't going to be parading around in robes.

While noted as a local/domestic terror group, state representative Tyrone Brooks stated that this was just a ploy to rebrand themselves and gain more members into their cult.

Brooks wanted the supreme court to deny their application even if it meant ending the adopt-a-highway program.


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