Bobsledding was accidentally invented by adventurous English tourists. This story is crazy!

Bobsledding is a relatively modern sport. Well, modern in the sense that it did not evolve just post-dinosaur! The first formal bobsled competition was held in 1884. But how did it all begin?

We have a few jolly British lads to thank for that! English tourists decided to stay at a mineral spa in the town of St. Moritz during winter after the hotelier ‘sold’ the idea to them to avoid another long season of empty rooms.

The more adventurous of his English guests became rather bored and adapted boys’ delivery sleds for fun. They attached two sleds together with a board and attached a steering mechanism to the front sled. They proceeded to speed down the village’s roads, lanes and alleys, frequently colliding with unsuspecting and, I am sure, very surprised pedestrians.

It took a couple of years of pedestrian peril before the hotelier built a special track where they could safely (at least from the pedestrian point of view) practice their fun. This first natural ice half-pipe track was built in 1870 and it is still in operation! The name of the sport appeared when competitors adopted the technique of bobbing back and forth inside the sled to increase its speed.


A company called Holy Smokes will take your cremated ashes and place them in bullets!

Some people want to be buried in a cemetery, others want to have their ashes spread across an ocean, but some people, such as the founder of Holy Smokes, Thad Holmes, want to have their ashes loaded into 250 shotgun shells and used by their loved ones to hunt animals.

Thad is an avid outdoors man, and so is his son, and they both believe that the best way for his son to remember Thad is to use him once every year to hunt an animal. This simply bizarre idea evolved into a business ran by Thad called Holy Smokes.

Basically, people send the company their loved ones ashes, and in return, the company places the ashes in 250 shells (of the family's choosing) and then sends the shells back to the family to use. This one of a kind business charges $850 for their services.

After just a few months of the business being in operation, they already have a website and have had two different families use their services!


Gerald Ford became Vice President and President of the United States without ever being elected to either position!

The Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution deals with issues of succession to the Presidency and puts procedures in place for both filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, as well as responding to Presidential disabilities. The Twenty-fifth Amendment was adopted on the 23rd of February 1967. The Amendment has been invoked six times since its inception — twice with regards to Gerald Ford.

Spiro Agnew resigned on 10 October 1973, leaving the position of Vice President open. President Richard Nixon nominated Representative Gerald Ford of Michigan to succeed Agnew as Vice President, in accordance with the Twenty-fifth Amendment. The United States Senate voted 92 to 3 in favor of Ford and the House of Representatives voted 387 to 35 in favor. Ford was sworn in on 6 December 1973.

When President Richard Nixon resigned on 9 August 1974, after the Watergate scandal started unravelling, the Twenty-fifth Amendment had to be invoked again and Vice President Gerald Ford succeeded Nixon to the office of President. This resulted in Gerald Ford to be the only person ever in the history of the United States of America to be Vice President and President without being elected to either office by the citizens of that country.


Nokia has found a way to recharge your cell phone using radio waves. Learn more about their new technology here

Nokia is a Finnish communications and information technology corporation. They do business worldwide and are known for their internet services and cell phones. More recently, they have been working on a more environmentally friendly way to charge cellphones without wasting unnecessary electricity.

Nokia claims that it has created the technology to charge a cell phone using radio waves while that same cell phone is on standby mode. Standby mode is when electronics devices are not in use, but are still on. Similar to when computers hibernate. Even though the phone is not in use, it is still giving off radio waves. The same goes for televisions and computers.

The radio waves that a device gives off are very weak and small and do not hold much power. Nokia has developed the technology to gather all radio waves from miles away and from several devices. The more devices in a larger area means more power. The more power it has, the easier it would be able to charge a phone. This new technology suggests that when their phone is on standby mode, the phone will automatically charge without even being plugged in!


There was a gene called Pokemon but had to change due to legal action!

Pokemon, formally called Pok, is a gene found by researchers in New York to cause cancer. Many news reports joked about the relation between the popular cartoon and the carcinogen! The brand was being associated with causing cancer.

Because of this, Pokémon USA was not thrilled by the jokes. The Nintendo sub-division threatened to sue the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center because of an unflattering relation between their brand and cancer! The researchers eventually gave in to Pokémon USA’s demands and changed the gene’s name to Zbtb7.