A woman sued Cap'n Crunch claiming she thought their "crunchberries" were real fruit. The judges response is priceless

People will try to sue over anything they can. After all, it’s easy money, right?

Just ask the lady who successfully sued McDonalds when she was burnt by their coffee.

In some cases this might work, but often these lawsuits don’t go anywhere.

Perhaps the shortest lived case was brought to court by Janine Sugawara of California in 2009.

She claimed that she had purchased the cereal Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries because she believed "crunchberries" indicated she was eating real fruit.

Sugawara alleged that after four years of purchasing the product she had only recently discovered that said "berries" were in fact simply brightly colored cereal balls.

Judge Morrison England, Jr.’s response to this was pretty on point.

He said “In this case...it is simply impossible for Plaintiff to file an amended complaint stating a claim based upon these facts. The survival of the instant claim would require this Court to ignore all concepts of personal responsibility and common sense. The Court has no intention of allowing that to happen.”


Want to feel old? Check out these movies that are now over 30 years old!

Time flies, and things always seem to feel like they happened just yesterday.

For example, many movies from the 80’s are now considered “classics,” but if you ask someone who saw them in theaters, they would probably say that it doesn’t seem even close to that long ago that they came out.

Ghostbusters and Gremlins both came out on the same day: June 8th, 1984. That’s now over 30 years ago!

Two weeks later another classic hit theaters: The Karate Kid.

Those aren’t the only movies you’d recognize from that time.

1984 saw the release of Beverly Hills Cop, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Footloose, Sixteen Candles, The Terminator, and Revenge of the Nerds.

Fans of quirky, cult films won’t be left out here, either. This is Spinal Tap saw its debut this year as well.


A Polish octor Saved a Village From Nazis by Creating a Fake Epidemic

It often takes the worst of times to find the best of us.

This was true during the holocaust when countless people risked their lives for others, whether it was hiding Jewish families in their homes or helping them in any number of other ways.

One doctor managed to save at least 8,000 people from almost certain death.

To do this, he created a fake epidemic in a town which caused the Nazis to quarantine the area.

The Doctors name is Eugene Lazowski, and he created this false epidemic by injecting dead Epidemic Typhus bacteria, basically vaccines, into people. When their blood was tested, it came back positive for the deadly disease.

Lazowski did all of this himself and had to send the blood out to the Germans who would test it. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Nazi’s sent a few men to confirm what was going on.

When this happened, Lazowski didn’t panic. He greeted them with a warm meal and drinks.

The superior officer was enjoying the drinks so much that he just sent the younger two to test the patients. Scared for their lives, they took the blood as quickly as possible and left without doing any real investigating. The blood, of course, came back positive for the disease.

Lazowski had also faced death many other times during the war. When working with the Red Cross, his train was attacked, but he was luckily not on it at the time.

He also escaped a prisoner-of-war camp by himself by jumping the fence and then pretending to tend to an unattended horse. The soldier that was investigating the noise of the fence didn’t give him a second look.

Talk about guts. This man is a true hero.


Alaskan Killer Whales sometimes eat deer and moose swimming between islands on the northwest coast of Alaska

Killer whales are some of the fiercest predators not only in the oceans, but in the entire world.

They are found in all oceans, from the arctic and Antarctic to tropical seas, and have no natural predators.

Their prey is just as diverse as the seas they are found in, although individual populations often specialize in a certain type.

Some feed exclusively on fish, while others hunt marine mammals like seals, and even large whales.

Land animals can’t be left out of their prey either. They have been known to feed on deer and moose that try to swim between islands off the northwest coast of North America.

Even birds can fall prey to these intelligent hunters. They can actually regurgitate fish to attract birds to the surface and then eat the birds when they go for the fish.

Resident killer whales, as opposed to transient killer whales, have never been observed eating other marine mammals, but they are known to occasionally harass and kill porpoises and seals for no apparent reason.


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